Jeeah. Germany. 19 years.
Football and other things.

"There will be so many people in your life that will have different opinions, different ways of winning, different ways of making a grilled cheese, or different ways of getting to and from the grocery store, it doesn’t mean that one way is right or wrong, all it means is that you should consider their way. You might not ever use it, or understand it, but as soon as you consider it, then you have shown that you have an open mind. It shows that you’re not stuck in your own personal ways and habits. It shows that you are willing to grow and be bigger than the “I’m always right” attitude that so many of us have."



UEFA women’s football player of the year Nadine Keßler


FIFA U-20 Women’s World Champion 2014

Germany’s U20 women team celebrate after winning the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada, Montreal. [24.08.2014]

Pretty Places In Germany

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U20 GERWNT defeated the U20 USWNT in their first group game 2:0 (x)